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Where to Go on Italy’s Mediterranean Coast

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Southern Italy’s West Coast and the Mediterranean islands of Sicily and Sardinia are frequently visited on the Mediterranean, but are also accessible by train, plane or vehicle, respectively. From the French border to Sicily a rail line runs along the West Coast. By car, you can take the coach ferry to Sicily and drive from the border to Calabrias, the boat’s toe.

You can go on a cruise of various spots on the Mediterranean Sea or just choose one of the best seaside resorts to remain there for a week or two. Look at the top locations in Italy, beginning from the north for a Mediterranean holiday.

Italian Riviera

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The Italian Riviera peninsula in Liguria stretches from Ventimiglia to the Gulf of Poets in the northern part of Tuscany, just over the boundaries of the French Riviera. There are many beautiful coastal resorts and resort towns along the Italian Riviera, including Sanremo, Portofino and the Cinque Terre.

In the Summer several towns can also be entered by ferry, and the safest way to discover this section of the coast is by the road. If you want to fly to or from Italy Riviera, you’ve got an airport in Genoa.

Tuscany Coast

While Tuscany is renowned mostly for its cities on hills, wine-growing and the city of Florence, it is well-known for beaches and good areas for swimming.

The Versilia coast in Northern Tuscany is a long stretch of fine sandy beaches with clean water and an Apuan Alpine backdrop, famed for their marble quarries. Most of the beach is covered with private beaches, where you can rent a room for the day or season with chairs, showers, and other amenities. Forte Dei Marmi and Viareggio, renowned for their independence design, are two of the best cities along this line of coast.

Monte Argentario provides a totally different coastal setting in southern Tuscany with its rugged, harsh coastal area and forested surroundings. There is a nature reserve, walking and boating tours to the Tuscan Archipelago while there are beaches.

You can travel to the Civitavecchia cruise ship terminal, Ostia Lido and Sperllonga, two beaches from Rome that you can explore south from Tuscany along the coast.

Amalfi Coast

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Probably the most famous and beautiful Italian coastline is the Amalfi Coast in Southern Italy. The cliffs rise rising from the water, where you will see beaches and nice places to dive, picturesque towns like Positano. The best way to view the coast on a boat ride is because of the small and often packed windy road.

There are also walks and fun events to do, organized tours and several fantastic day trips including to the beautiful Isle of Capri. The Amalfi’s are a perfect place to relax and enjoy the atmosphere.

Maratea Coast and Calabria in Southern Italy

The Cilento National Park and the Tyrrhenian Sea bay of Basilicata is located south of the Amalfi Coast. It is not as large as the Amalfi coasts and the forest reaches almost to the rugged coastline in many areas. While the beaches might be rough, the sea is smooth and nice. It is a quiet place to relax and appreciate the natural environment. We lived for a seaside vacation in the Santavenere Luxury Hotel.

On the coast, there is a tiny port area, but in the hills a few miles away from the sea, the quaint town Maratea was concealed from the pirates ‘ vision.

The Calabrian city is almost entirely surrounded by the ocean and provides several nice beaches and seaside towns, which are at the tip of the ferry.

The Island of Sicily

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Sicily is the largest Mediterranean island and is surrounded by beautiful coastal towns and beaches. Taormina, Sicily’s first tourist resort town, is one of the best towns on the sea, with excellent beaches, medieval quarters and an outdoor Greek theater.

On the island, from the temples of Athens and Romanesque ruins to Norman castles and charming Baroque towns such as Noto and Ragusa, even the volcanoes are a great variety. Palermo is renowned for its bustling markets, Byzantine mosaics, the Norman fortress, the massive cathedral, and catacombs. Palermo is the home of the Island of Palermo.

Sicily has two airports on the island in Palermo and Catania. You will have to take a ferry from the island whether you come by rail or by vehicle.


Sardinia’s Mediterranean island is well known for its lovely coastline and safe beaches. The Emerald Coast is the popular part of the island, host to the rich and famous, but it is much more accessible in some other areas of the coast. Alghero with its Catalan origins is one of the most beautiful towns on the peninsula.

Moving inland you can consider interesting medieval settlements. The island is surrounded by nuraghi, old stone walls, notable archeological sites and romanesque churches unique to Sardinia. Cagliari, the island’s largest city, makes a nice location for beginning your tour whether you arrive by boat or airplane.

Ferries or aircraft with flights to Cagliari, Alghero or Olbia airports can link Sardinia to the mainland and Sicily.

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