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France, the most romantic country in the world, is famous for its beautiful cities, magnificent architectures, picturesque countryside, iconic monuments and of course, its cuisine. However, France is not all about the Eiffel Tower or the escargot or the foiegras. In fact, France has one of the best destinations to visit if you want an energizing ski-trip; the French Alps. The French Alps has been the go-to destination for British skiers and snowboarders for ages.Book yourself a luxury ski chalet in France if you want to relax in the utmost luxurious way after a long day of fun-filled outdoor activities. From skiing to snowboarding to kayaking, there are quite a lot of activities which you can take part in.A trip to the French Alps will surely turn your trip to France into the perfect adventurous getaway.

When to Visit

Thanks to the plethora of both winter and summer activities, the French Alps is an all year round destination perfect for visiting with your family or friends. Although, a word of caution – due to the extreme popularity of the region and the beautiful powdery snow it offers to the ski-lovers, finding accommodation can be a pretty challenging task during the high season. Skiing is most popular from November to April except January and March, with the months of December and April seeing the largest number of tourists. January and March are considered the low-season and you can find some really good deals during that time.

What to Do

The French Alps has a lot of things to offer to its visitors. Besides the obvious snow-activities, the place offers an array of other winter as well as summer activities. Here are a few of the activities that you can try out to spend the perfect vacation in the French Alps.

Winter Activities:

1. Skiing:


Skiing is the most popular activity in this area during the winter season, although there a number of places to go skiing during the summers too. Get on a ski lift to go up to the mountains. Then ski your way through the powdery snow while taking in the gorgeous views of the surrounding mountains. There are a number of traditional ski villages dotted throughout the mountain as well, which you can explore.

2. Snowboarding:

Just like skiing, snowboarding is another popular way to make your way through the powder and explore the surrounding snowclad mountains.

3. Cross-country Skiing:


Cross-country skiing is another activity that you can enjoy at French Alps during the winter months. The valleys and the mountains get covered with white powder. You will get to ski or skate through the snow to discover the various hidden locations throughout the area.

4. Ice Climbing:

The frozen waterfalls located in the region make it a great spot to try out ice climbing. Climb your way up to the top of the magnificent vertical ice formations, and experience the incredible vistas that you can see from the top.

Summer Activities:

1. Canyoning:


As the waterfalls start flowing in the summers, jump into the natural water pools created by them, and swim through the cool and clear alpine water. You can also try sliding down a natural rock toboggan, to create your own natural waterslide ride.

2. Downhill mountain biking

Get up high using lifts on the mountain, and bike your way down through the various biking trails. The trails have arough and steep terrain. So be prepared to face a lot of jumps, bumps and drops during the ride.

3. Kayaking:

The French Alps region as some of the best spots to kayak. From still lakes to lazy rivers to crazy whitewater, you can find just about every type of conditions to suit your expertise.

4. Paragliding:


Paragliding is one of the best ways to truly experience the beauty of the French Alps. Get high up in the sky to get a bird’s eyes’ point of view of the surrounding mountains and the valleys.

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