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Make your trip best by knowing the top travel and food destination of Delhi

travel and food destination
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New Delhi is the capital of India. It was named as the capital of India I the year 1911. It is the second wealthier city of India after Mumbai. The metro economy of Delhi had ranked 2nd. The place is a second largest populated city of India. It is in the north of India. The place is very rich for its travel and food destination. The tourism in Delhi has increased due to its rich culture and heritage. This lace had been ruled by several Mughals and emperor.

travel and food destination

If you are visiting Delhi than don’t miss to go to the famous travel & food destination:

  • The lotus temple– This temple is not like the rest temple, no daily spirituals are organized inside.  Inside the temple, you have to maintain pin drop silence. The temple is built in the shape of the lotus and thus named after it. This should be the first place when you are in Delhi.
  • National Zoological park– This is among the visited place of Delhi. You can enjoy different activities inside the zoo. Either you can walk or hire a battery vacheil to visit the place.
  • Agrasen ki Baoli-It is a step well which was constructed to preserve water. It is believed that the place is haunted by the spirits of queens.
  • Iskon temple– This temple should be visited in the evening hour. The artists and the bhakti songs will show you the importance of worship for an Indian.
  • Sarojini market– This is the hub to cheap clothes and material. If you are experts at bargaining than you can buy many things at a low price.
  • Qutub Minar- It is the 2ndtallest Minar of India.  This had been declared in the world heritage site by UNESCO. Earlier it was allowed to go to the top of the Minar but now the entrance had been closed. It is said that the place is haunted.
  • Connaught place-This place is a package of full enjoyment. From the peace of mind to party whole night. You can enjoy the delicious food and the beautiful environment. This place earns the highest revenue per day whole over India. It is the most expensive and loved travel and food destination place in Delhi. Spending the evening with your friends or alone is a good choice.

Some of the most famous food one should try while being in Delhi

  • Prince Pan shop-Here you get different flavors of the pan. One must try the fire pan of this pace.
  • Roshan ki kulfi of Karol Bagh offers varieties of kulfi, I am sure you will be shocked to see the flavors that are offered to you because you don’t get it usually at any other shop.
  • Salim kebab-If you are a lover of kebab than you must try some from here; you will visit this place every time you come to Delhi.

You will get to see both the lives of human the rich and the poor in Delhi. The infrastructure of Delhi is developing at a higher pace. The tourism in Delhi is increasing because of the number of historical monuments and exciting travel and food destination is located in the place.

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