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One of the best holiday destinations you ever visit with your family. The ocean breezes on the coastal are strong and the history is coloured as the blusters. The Caribbean beaches here are loaded with pounded pearls and the beaches become busy to get the ideal sunset.

History buffs can meander in the Puerto-Rico, as each part has its own history. San Juan’s post to crumbling of the South drift sugar refineries, defiance in mountain towns to coffee plantations everything is fascinating. The tropical forests adventures are everlasting memories on the trip to Puerto-Rico.

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Here are some destinations to visit on your trip to Puerto-Rico:

San Juan

San Juan is the place brimming with the memorable barricades and blue cobblestone lanes. A trip to Puerto-Rico must incorporate this place, which is a notable Disneyland reverberating the advanced energy with its 15ft-thick walls and a well-polished collection from the colonial-era antiquities.

One must appreciate the lanes around evening time during their trip to Puerto-Rico, which are seriously fuelled by the street art, bars and restaurants. The city is under remodel, buildings and streets are harmed when the city was hit by the 2017 hurricane.

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The must visit the place on everybody’s trip to Puerto-Rico. When you pass through the sun-grizzled gringos and the surfboards piled on the sands of the beach, you will experience the energy in the atmosphere. The place is called as the surfing capital of the northern hemisphere.

Many of the surf dreamers are interested in riding over the perfect wave. In that case, Rincon is the premier place to catch the perfect wave. Recently the place has been revitalized and now charms the visitors with the great bars and restaurant.

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Hacienda Pomarrosa

The best opportunity you will get on your trip to Puerto-Rico to discover the traditional coffee growing and experience the tranquillity present in a cup of fresh coffee. You can get a chance to have the complete knowledge about the process bean-to-bag.

You can stay there in one of the three villas overnight and have breakfast and experience the fresh coffee in the entire trip to Puerto-Rico.

trip to Puerto-Rico

Toro Verde Nature Adventure Park

It is the largest adventure park in the Caribbean land where you can experience the depth of the landscapes that will leave you in a state of tranquil nature. This is the only adventurous place in the entire trip to Puerto-Rico which hosts the zip line tours and mountain bike rides.

The cable rides like THE MONSTER reaches the speeds of over 150+KMPH which pumps the adrenaline inside the body. The park also conducts wedding ceremonies if anybody is interested in their trip to Puerto-Rico. To calm down your adrenaline, there is a coffee shop in the park.

trip to Puerto-Rico

Bosque Estatal de Carite

Forest reserve located a one-hour drive from San Juan which is popular for the characteristic swimming holes, beautiful camping and outing spots and waterfalls, which are ideal for the children to play with parents. An incredible place to spend time with your family on your trip to Puerto-Rico.

trip to Puerto-Rico


The place additionally has some excellent climbing trails.

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