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Best Places to Visit in Switzerland

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Maybe it’s time you went to see Switzerland when you thought about all the watches, holes, and banking bankers. Let’s only satisfy one or two of those questions, if you’re curious why you should.

No, not even snowboarding or riding down mountain slopes in Switzerland. Yeah, some of the best chocolate in the world is made. That alone is definitely an ample excuse to get on a plane without too much deeper thought. Is there something more to do but to tour candy factories or anything else? Yeah, that’s there.

Only look at these 14 beautiful locations in Switzerland and it won’t be long until you purchase your ticket.

Ponte Dei Salti Bridge, Valle Verzasca

Is the Medieval Bridge constructed more than 400 years ago some thrilling thing? It’s just in Valle Verzasca, Switzerland as it comes to Ponte Dei Salti Road. Salti translated in English simply means leaping. It sounds really curious now, right? Is it not?

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The incredible structure of the double arches along with the spectacular rock formation of Valle Verzasca makes this a major focus of photography, but the reality that you can leap off the bridge in the below water is what named it so strongly. It’s just a decade down the hill without a bungee cord, and it’s a genuine adrenalin ride.

When to go: If you intend to leap out of the bridge, move before the water has the potential to warm up. The best period is in late spring before summer, so be prepared for a few clubs when it is a decent season. The place to visit is famous.

Gruyères Castle, Gruyères

You can visit Gruyères fortress, in Gruyères, in Switzerland if you have often faced parading your stuff along the ramparts of a medieval castle, pretending to be a chevalier in a dazzling armor or a girl in distress. This nearly 800-year-old building may seem like a fairy tale, but its historical background suffices to curl your blood.

As you visit the interior of the building, the mummified hand show can absolutely overtake you. Yeah, that’s real, but there’s no one telling who it was or where the rest of the body lays. Have a shot, when you head on the battlements and have a spectacular glimpse of the mountains and you won’t imagine it if you have a hint of milk. Gruyères is also renowned for making several really tasty models.

When to go:  Whether you want your castles in the winter, then curl up warm and sprinkle in the air. Spring and summer are the perfect time to explore because temperatures have risen past freezing and the mountain flowers bloom. Weekends can be crowded around so if necessary, visit Castle Gruyères throughout the week.

Oeschinen Lake, Kandersteg

If you want somebody to go biking, advise them to take it in Switzerland around Oeschinen Lake. There is no place for a stroll or for a picnic with more natural or pure air than on the pine trees of this vast stretch of water.

Tone too sedate? Tone too sedate? This will not be. It should not be. This alpine position is 1500 meters and above Meer point, in addition to being a significant area for cross-country skiing with snow on the field. Taking the dizzy trip on the cable car and head straight down the fastest hair-raising toboggan journey of your existence.

When to go: Do not travel in the spring or summer because you would like to compete in winter sports. The lake will freeze in winter so you can ski, go for dinner or go ice fishing. Winter feels safer in the colder months.

Jet d’Eau, Geneva

We know someone who’s nice to spout but in the Swiss city of Geneva, only the brightest can fail with jet d’eau. The super water jet blasts off between 100 and 40 meters into the sea. That is the approximate height of 32,2 dual-decker busses that have been placed one over the other. It’s obviously not your typical shower flow as it requires approximately 500 liters of water per second to achieve this amazing height.

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When to go: The Jet d’Eau runs during the year but is twice as stunning when light so walk throughout the evening across the harbor.

Ruinaulta, Switzerland’s Grand Canyon

You would imagine you might have to travel to America if you ever tried to recreate old settlers and go to bagpipes of gold. Okay, wrongly. You will even do so in Switzerland, the wealthiest nation in the world, where you can preserve your results.

The Ruinaulta, Rhine Gorge or Grand Canyon Switzerland has the kind of rough terrain that always draws the spirit of your adventurer, whichever name you want to call it. Move across the canyon, grab a float of white water along the rushing Rhine river, or grab a pan for those shallow golden nuggets. You should sound like a genuine explorer anything you do when you are there.

When to go:  If you like a sheet of white to protect your scenery and don’t mind temperatures below freezing, visit Ruinaulta from April to September.

Staubbach Falls, Lauterbrunnen

Was one waterfall great or similar to another impressive? This is when it comes to the Staubbach Drop in the Swiss alpine town of Lauterbrunnen. How is that so? The most frequently discussed, the most filmed and the highest cascade in the Lauterbrunnen valley are 72 waterfalls.

You have to make the, not too hard, trip to the Staubbach Falls Gallery if you want to get closer and experience the spray of this iconic waterfall on your neck. Take any earplugs with you though, since the water surge is very deafening.

When to go: Go when the light rises. The brush of winter often turns the Staubbach Falls into a giant heretic.

Old Town Bern, Bern

Did you just choose to spend time outside of a regular vacation? If you have, you have to place Old Town Bern on your Swiss tourist list. Nor do you have to go a time machine. In the center of the Swiss city of Bern, this medieval core is nestled. The twisting oxbow of the Aare River almost cut off from the world, is clearly not drawn by modernity and is ideal for a first-hand understanding of what life might have been in the twelfth century.

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When to go: Head to Old Town Bern when it is carnival season for a pleasant and unique tour. Dates are different each year, so intend to see the big parades in late February or early March. Sure, people pose like bears and walk the streets like the other carnival revelers. Or, you have to move from March to May if you’re a jazz lover. Through its two months long jazz series, Old Town Bern will strike the correct button.

Lake Brienz

The Brienz Lake in Switzerland might be the perfect spot to attempt it if you have ever tried a shot at yodeling. The pure blue of the alpine lake is framed by the ideal atmosphere in which the mountains will reverberate. Take a cruise trip across the glassy seas or walk up the hill and climb Giessbach Falls if Yodelling is not your thing. The scenes are so stunning that you are always motivated to paint them even if you are not an artist.

When to go:

Winter is a perfect opportunity to explore Lake Brienz, as cold as it can be and consider glacial. It is a vibrant center for winter activities, from kayaking, hiking, and snowboarding. You should still relax through the night with a typical and really tasty cheese fondue. Looks amazing, isn’t that? Sounds fine?

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