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Best Places To Visit In Australia

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We have our best choices for you to tour the country with kangaroos from the beaches, national parks, galleries and tourist spots! Make sure you don’t miss a memorable experience from the highest.

Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful and best-connected roads in the world, situated in Victoria. Don’t forget the 12 Apostles who stack impressive limestone formations on the beautiful Turkish bay. A blissful trip from Torquay to Allansford is 243 km north.

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Things to see: National Park Port Campbell, National Park Otway, picturesque rain forest, walking trails and picturesque falls. You can even see some popular animals in Australia, including cangaroos and Emus if you are lucky enough.

Blue Mountains National Park

Another UNESCO World Heritage site, a lovely Blue Mountains National Park is a famous Sydney day trip. It is modeled after the blue haze of many eucalyptus trees that are an impressive panorama! You must visit this area, one of the most revered locations in Australia.

Things to see: The three Sisters–a 900 meters over the Jamison Valley sandstone rock formation with spectacular panoramic views of gorges, landscapes, and native animals.

Things to do: The Katoomba Railway, the steepest train for the world’s travelers, passes over cliffs on the side tunnel, walking, abseiling, cycling, mountain biking and driving.


The significant tourist attraction in Australia is one of the biggest monoliths in the country, Uluru or Ayers Stone. This stunning red sandstone monolith, which is a’ shadowy location’ is situated in Kata Tjuta National Park, is more than 348 meters high.

Things to see: A wonderful sunset with rocks changing colours, the rock landscape.

Things to do: Choose a wonderful tribe tour of the site guided by Indigenous guides and guards throughout the region.

Harbor Bridge, Sydney

The Sydney Harbour Bridge is one of Australia’s most famous tourist attractions. The bridge, which rises 134 m above the harbour, is nicknamed the Coat hanger. Additionally, the biggest steel arch bridge in the world is this construction wonder.

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Things to do: Explore the dazzling cityscape from the street, stroll up the bridge with a guide, visit the museum at the Southeastern pier, if you would like to know the history and design of the bridge.

Tasmania’s Museum of Old and New Art

One of Australia’s most impressive galleries is the Tasmanian Institute of Old and New Art. A 30-minute ferry ride from Hobart is common to this Museum, while it is accessible by road or aviation. It is renowned for a variety of the exclusive collections from aboriginal tribes that were uncommon and privately kept.

Things to do: Enjoy the plenty of exquisite art shown; savor the tasty delicacies served in the premises by the multi-cooking restaurants.

Great Barrier Reef – Scuba diving

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the seven wonders of the universe, the biggest barrier reef system in the world. This World Heritage site is situated in the Coral Sea and is visible from the outside and is one of the world’s largest living buildings. The region is wide with over 3000 coral reefs and hundreds of picturesque islands. So are you looking forward to visiting one of the most amazing places with your loved ones in Australia?

Things to do: Taking the blissful sea and see the vivid marine life of the world in the blissful turquoise underwater. If you want to stay clean, you will experience the magnificent river from underwater perspectives and specially designed glass vessels.

Sea World Marine Park

Sea World is Australia’s first aquatic attraction, where adults as well as children are amused. It’s a great fun park that keeps you occupied for a day. Polar bears, penguins, and sharks can be found.

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Things to do: Buy tickets for some of the thrilling shows by Dolphins, Sea lion and water Ski Ballets, then get on a monorail to get a panorama of the city. Check the sea-related tours like a roller coaster.


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