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The Azores

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The Azores are a Portuguese archipelago in the middle Pacific which is the nearest to the Garden of Eden. It is the best place to get away from it all and enjoy the light.

They consist of nine main islands, each having its own advantages but most of them are located in São Miguel.

Caldeira das Sete Cidades (superior) and Lake Fugo can all be experienced in the biggest and most populated island including city loops, night life and breathtaking views.

Travel to the other islands for more excursions and events such as canyoning and seeing whales if you have more than one week to spend here.

Best time to visit: April, June, September (July and August peak season)


Perhaps my favorite place on this list, Bled, Slovenia, is the spot I claim to have originated from fairytales.

A chapel of the 17th century on an island, in a bay of some of the world’s bluest waters. It is all beautiful about the area and the stuff you can do and see is not missing.

Take a boat on the island, ascend on the city’s famed Baroque stairway to the cathedral, float or play on the freshwater lake, walk up the Ojstrica and catch a view of the whole of the Julian Alps peninsula.

Then there is a bled castle on the side of a cliff, or a vintage gorge with crystal clearer waters. Bled sounds like a world away and is ideal for a trip away from another weekend.

Best time to visit: Every year there are fewer people in moderate temperatures, but April / May, September / October


Santorini or Mykonos, you already read before, now meet their son, Milos. The volcanic island is gaining popularity in social media with sites like Sarakíniko beach.

It is plain to see why picturesque rock formations and glow in the dark groves with its crystal clear waters. (Yes, you heard right, the water is biologically luminous, which ensures it reflects blue and green in all shades).

It is still a major tourist destination, and 2020 is the best time to defeat the hordes like Santorini.

Best time to visit: Mild all year but April-September for the best weather.


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Florence is the ideal escape and is a great getaway for my favorite city in the world, a comfortable urban environment overlooked by the Tuscan valleys.

See all the sights such as Ponte Vecchio, Uffizi museum, Michaelangelo square, the duomo complex of course, etc. Stay ready in the solitary hours to have spectacular sunsets and sunsets and the area.

If you wish to visit the rest of Italy, just take the train and get north to Venice or south to Naples, take Florence as the base.

Best time to visit: The atmosphere is moderate every day of the year, but in summer the weather is wonderful.


An overlooked diamond. Maybe you’ve read of Guernsey, the channel islands?Henri? Okay, let me introduce your little friend, Sark.

There is no vehicles or artificial light in this small island off the coast of Normandy, which only allows to cycle, ride and horse-drawn carriages.

Wonderful beaches, cliff walks and clay pigeon taken from Paris, you wouldn’t believe you’re only an hour from it.

Travel into GCI or JER and get on a ferry, you’ll check out the fresh air.

Best time to visit: est visiting time: year round. The season is wonderful, the winter is warm.


There is no spot more Christmas than Rovaniemi, the lapland capital. Winter wonderland becomes a real life that your children and even the adults enjoy.

There is also a lot of activities to do in addition to admiring the amazing light displays. Hire a bicycle or a pair of skis, go ice fishing, spend a night out to gaze out into northern lights and never forget to say’ Hi,’ to Santa Claus and his motorcycle crew.

Days are short during winter, so be aware that only a few hours of sunlight can be felt each day, but the Finns, the happiest people in the world, will do more than compensate. Summer offers longer days, but there will be no frost or a seasonal prank, but still the renes.

Best time to visit: I will recommend visiting Christmas on the North Pole, despite the high season, in December–January. On either side the northern lights shine brightly and the longer you live the stronger.


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Zanzibar has a fascinating history and there’s something for you, whether you’re enjoying your luncheon or backpacking.

It is basically an island nation, so you have plenty to choose from, but the most important place is to the north east of Unguja. This stretch of water between Mnemba Island and here is the perfect place to swim, snorkel or watch dolphins or relax.

Go visit Changuu Island, to see a prison sentence during the slave trade, if you want a psychological experience. There is also an interesting zoo and a collection of endangered tortoises, some of which are more than 150.

As you go, consider how much seasoning you receive from all over the country! Before you go, remember!

Best time to visit: from June to March (bar November when the rain falls)

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