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India’s landscape is recognized throughout the region for its famous sights. From clear to surprising; India is so full of awe-inspiring attractions and activities that the value of them can not be mentioned! We want to insure that any guidance on where to stay is as diverse as possible. The following is a list of our favorite sites that this wonderful country has to offer.

Ajanta Caves

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The Ajanta Caves are 30 cellars cut into the side of an immense mountain. Such beautiful caves were’ forgotten’ until 1819, when a British tiger hunting party came across them. They were in an excellent condition. Picture your excitement being wonder when you understood the importance of your finding! The cellars of Ajanta were constructed in 2 AD and decorated with Buddhist religious art that historians consider important.  The geological research from India, which revealed that the caves comprise “the finest surviving evidence of Indian art and particularly of painting,” illustrated the significance of the art within these caves.

The Golden Temple

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This glorious temple is an inevitable visit; it has a beautiful design and a spectacular and almost unbeatable environment. The Golden Temple, founded in 1604, is less than the surrounding buildings and contains four doors that symbolize the recognition of everyone irrespective of the location they come from. It must be on your itinerary surrounded by water and sparkling with silver!

Mehrangarh Fort

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Mehrangarh Fort is an excellent place to visit at any time of the day. Leaving far below the town, the fort is an amazing yet surprisingly stunning vision. The tourists will go through 7 doors to get to the castle. Many of them still hold bruises from centuries ago. A trip to this spot will fulfill your wishes if you want a real taste of history! Rudyard Kipling, one of his many admirers, thus explains the Golden Temple: “a temple which Titans could have constructed and lit by the light of the day.”


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It’s a remote smart land on India’s west coast. When someone is in a party mood and thinking of planning a trip with friends or alone with your family. Then it’s the right spot to have a good time and enjoy.


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For its beauty and safe environments, Darjeeling is popular among tourists. It is also named the Queen of Hills and a Land of Patrimony. During dawn or sunset moment, the blue sky blazes crimson and yellow. All around the hills and in the dark it becomes a fairyland.

Lake Palace

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Lake Palace, now a hotel was built for the local king in 1746 as a summer palace. Situated in Pichola Bay, it is easy to see how the palace has a romantic image, surrounded by palaces at one end of the lake and the Aravalli Hills at other side. The only path to Lake Palace is by ship, and there are many things to do once you get there. The Lily Garden is situated within the walls of the palace, which is a lovely and relaxing place to relax, with many buildings and superbly furnished rooms throughout the Palace.

Agra Fort

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Agra Fort is an inalienable red fortress with various traditional Indian wonders, located near the Taj Mahal. The feeling you get from a trip to this fort is beautiful, with some buildings built with marble inside. The vivid past has many troops using the building; even still as the Indian Armed Forces still use a part of the fort! Join Agra Fort and witness the splendid architecture.


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This magnificent and spacious ecosystem includes the only Indian sanctuary of tigers and elephants and has about 400 other animal species. Most people see Periyar Lake as the highlight of this region, a manmade lake that is surrounded by beautiful scenery providing an amazing natural environment that you won’t forget easily! Because the tea growing in the region is good, Vandiperiyar city offers you an insight into the industry.

Taj Mahal

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As one of the most familiar sights in the country, the Taj Mahal still takes no description, no matter how many photos you’ve taken! The Taj Mahal is housed within a spectacular Charbagh park, an unexpected surprise for many. The mausoleum was known by UNESCO as “the most magnificent architectural feat in the whole field of Indo-Islamic architecture.” Don’t miss a chance to see Taj Mahal, a truly wonderful trip.

Kerala Backwaters

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Kerala Backwaters are a beautiful natural area to explore in the south of India. The Backwater is fed by 38 rivers and a real treat for those enjoying this vast spectrum of lagoons. You will see many different varieties of birds and other animals in a lovely ecosystem full of life, light and nature. We suggest a houseboat tour as you will see many of the main attractions around the city that you will love!

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