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Best Islands In Europe For Honeymoon

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The beautiful islands in Europe and romance are synonymous for your luncheon. The luxuriant greenery, winds of sparkling wind and sparkling beaches are all you need to start the new life in the best possible way together with your partner. And so, when it comes to your honeymoon trip in Europe, these islands are second to none. Take a seat back, take our list of the best honeymoon islands in Europe and choose the one for both of you before you go off.

Santorini – The White & Blue Island In Greece

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Talk for Europe’s most beautiful islands and we’d claim Santorini! This resort is a haven for winter lunches on one of the Cyclades Islands in the Aegian Sea, Greece. The sandy beaches with orange, black and white lava caves overlook the harbor, which undoubtedly make it one of Europe’s best honeymoon islands.

Highlights: in Greece Santorini is world-famous because it is at the top of the “World’s Best” list and gives you the chance to experience spectacular sunsets and stunning views of the seas.

Tenerife – For A Saucy Honeymoon In Spain

Tenerife is definitely one of the biggest of the Canary Islands in Spain and one of the finest honeymoon islands in Europe, thanks to its year-round pleasant climate, its natural environment and modern tourist facilities. Prepare your happy honeymoon on this island in Europe without too much thought, because it has a thousand opportunities to sell.

Highlights: This island is renowned for its everlasting spring water.

Capri – The Cove-Studded Island In Italy

Once you come across the Capri island of Italy, the quest for the best European Islands for honeymoon will stop. It’s not just one of the most beautiful islands in Italy, but also the most traveled. The magical beauty of the island is perfect for getting closer to nature and each other while on a honeymoon trip to Europe. In March, early May or October the best time to visit Italy is when the water is hot enough to have a dip.

Highlights: For generations poets, lovers and tourists have been influenced by this beautiful and incredibly majestic country.

Madeira – For Green & Rugged Portugal Landscapes

Madeira is one of the finest honeymoon islands in Europe if you and your better part are someone who enjoys highlands. Through tiny adventure to huge thrills the honeymoon is certainly more thrilling and enjoyable for a romantic holiday on this island!

Highlights: Madeira Island offer great walking possibilities and is extremely beautiful, rich in culture and food.

Rhodes – Romantic Old Town In Greece

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Rhodes is definitely one of Europe’s best isles of nightlife, nestled in beaches, wooded valleys and legends. This island has picturesque scenery and charming old towns, as well as beautiful beach resorts. Make ensuring that once you’re here with your buddy you have an unforgettable experience.

Highlights: Rhodes is renowned for its beach resorts and ancient ruins, one of the many Honeymoon Islands in Europe.

Corsica – For Chic & Lively Stay In France

Corsica, the mediterranean mountainous country, has a combination of trendy coastal cities, thick forests and stunning mountain peaks. Prepare your honeymoon to Corsica if you both are a true admirer, as this is one of the world’s natural resources. There’s no better time to visit one of Europe’s most beautiful islands as it promises 300 sun days.

Highlights: Corsica is a friendly French island with a breezy climate, rendering Corsica one of Europe’s best honeymoon islands.

Jersey – Resort To This Romantic Island In UK

If you’re hunting in Europe for honeymoon beaches, know that you won’t be sad for going to Jersey. While this island has its own powers and culture as a dependence on the United Kingdom. It seems the island has been formed by the sea and its remarkable currents, less than 10 minuten away from the sea. Literally enough!

Highlights: beaches, mountains, mountain valleys and ancient castles are renowned as Jersey.

Majorca – A Delightful Trip To Spain

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It is not just one of Europe’s best honeymoon islands, Mallorca or Mallorca is also the planet. This island has many choices for people who search for privacy as one of the Balearic islands in Spain. The hypocritical sky that shines with stars in the night adds only to your experience and is absolutely worth a visit.

Highlights: This island is known for its beach resorts, protected bays and cala mountain ranges and presents art and history tales.

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