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7 locations in Cambodia Popular for diving in 2020!

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Cambodia is a beautiful place, full of rich landscape and architecture. In Cambodia, you can find everything from temples, forests, beaches, jungles, and pretty waterfalls. Besides all these great things, Cambodia is also very popular with scuba diving. Scuba diving in Cambodia is the best option, with its clear blue waters, vibrant sea life and lonely islands. Do not miss the chance to do this if you have the passion in you and want to do something adventurous.

1. Koh Tang

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This is one of Cambodia’s most prominent areas known for its marine life. The clear water here makes the experience of diving all the more appealing. This is the clear water. That’s why people are so attracted to this place. In the oceans, you can find triggerfish and various crustaceans. This is why Tang Koh is the venue for Cambodia’s finest scuba diving. Explosion Reef, Three Bears, and Giraffe Lookout would be some of the top diving spots.

2. Koh Pring

Taucher is an excellent experience in Sihanoukville, Cambodia. Koh Pring’s main highlight is its size. In addition to the wonderful waterside opportunities, the two sandy beaches offer great spaces for family recreation and fun. The rugged wall is roughly 30 m away on a diving site called Drop Off. If you are visiting Shark Point in December, you can even dive to see black reef sharks and whale sharks.

3. Koh Rong Samloem

Koh Rong Samloem is one of Cambodia’s best diving locations. There are plunge courses in Cambodia and they also take people to dive. There are some great dive spots such as Nudibranch Heaven, which has pulpits and pufferfish, and Cobia Point, which has many great curious cobia, love divers. The Secret Garden of Victoria is a little difficult to find but offers a range of marine life.

4. Condor Reef

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The Condor Reef’s underwater natural environment is certainly beautiful. The life of the sea is obviously different, but the main reason why the place is so famous are the shipwrecks. This is why the reef draws treasure hunters and tourists from around the world. Reef sharks and even whale sharks can be encountered while diving.

5. Koh Sdach Archipelago

It is the Koh Sdach Archipelago, and each place has its own hidden gem and Cambodia. There are 12 islands in this archipelago, but the region is underdeveloped in reality. Most of the islands are uninhabited and you have untapped reefs and frozen seas. Citizens here are mindful of the absolute beauty of the subsea views.

6. Koh Rong

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Koh Rong Tauchen is a really wonderful experience because of the marine life and diving spots. This place offers shallow and deeper places for diving. Please check the Back Door Tipping Position if you go diving in Kh Rong Cambodia. This spot has massive rocks forming a beautiful building landscape and here is a marine home. There are also much smaller fish here concealed.

7. Shark Island

While many scuba diving places are found in Cambodia, it is certainly a unique location on Shark Islands. If you swim here, you can see the reef sharks, bull sharks and whale sharks with blackheads. This is the spot to be if you enjoy fish. Besides that, there are many seagulls and other seabirds living on the island itself.

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