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7 Best Honeymoon Destinations In Asia In Summer 2020

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How can you finish the hard months of marital tension rather than experience the soft sand between your toes? Go along with your new partner and encourage yourself to relax in the relaxing warmth of the Asian honeymoon. You could like to explore some of Asia’s best honeymoons during the season if this is your dream honeymoon. Although summer holidays are the best time to visit these locations, this list takes account of the temperature aspect and how you can also enjoy with your companion the charm of these tourist destinations. Explore these unreal places without moving too far south. Let’s take a closer look at some of Asia’s best spots.

1. Langkawi, Malaysia – Romancing In The Beaches

Image result for 2. Langkawi, Malaysia – Romancing In The Beaches

Malaysia has a variety of islands and beaches for the finest honeymoon destinations in Asia. Langkawi also stands out in summer as one of Asia’s best honeymoon destinations. This is a tropical resort with its beautiful beaches and thick mangrove forests. This spot is also ideal for people finding a modest adventure. During your vacation in Malaysia, honeymooners will enjoy water activities, great restaurants, and wonderful shopping scene.

2. Chiang Mai, Thailand – Explore The Terrains

Consider Thailand in the summer to look for the best honeymoon spots in Asia. Thailand is not just about beaches and nothing else greater than Chiang Mai supports the argument. Located at the bottom of the mountains, the region is renowned for its festive concerts, temples, night markets, lovely national parks, and neighboring tribal villages. And honeymooners should hire a nice bike and conquer the stunning landscape in Northern Thailand if you feel bold enough. You can also see this as one of Asia’s best honeymoon destinations.

3. Singapore – From Shopping To Food

In July, Singapore is one of Asia’s most famous honeymoon locations. It is a high technology area with magical beaches, electric nightlife, outstanding shopping and fantastic cuisine that is great for young birds of love. In Singapore in February there are many events, so you can relax and rekindle the relationship at the same time.

4. Koh Samui, Thailand – An Exotic Destination

Image result for 4. Koh Samui, Thailand – An Exotic Destination

Koh Samui is a beautiful island, with palm-fringed beaches and waterways in Thailand, among the greatest honeymoon destinations in Asia. It is Asia’s most romantic honeymoon destination in June and with your new half you have the time of your life. Looking for famous honeymoon destinations in Asia in the summertime, think about it, while the Koh Samui nightlife scene has many things to do and explore, one of the best places to party like tomorrow is not!

5. Cambodia – Of Culture And History

Pack your bags and visit Cambodia in March because this is the last summer paradise with a comprehensive list of holidays. Cambodia is a fascinating place full of historical mysteries, among the best places in Asia for honeymoon during the season. Couples will appreciate this escape into an exotic location during their honeymoon in July. Some of the luxurious hotels across Cambodia are also included. Make sure you try those local dishes as here you can’t miss the heat.

6. Bali, Indonesia – Spiritually Enriching

In Indonesia, there are plenty of places to visit and Bali will do its utmost. Bali is our number one summer honeymoon destination in Asia. The very definition of the Bali term evokes tropical memories of private beaches and volcanoes. Even if the island gets busy in the summer, visitors can always get away from the crowd in a cozy beach villa or a small protected place surrounded by green rainforests.

7. Maldives – For Resorts Worth Staying At

Image result for 7. Maldives – For Resorts Worth Staying At

You will make magic in your love life on a holiday to the Maldives. It’d rightly be regarded as a renowned Asian honeymoon destination, known for its turquoise blue seas, world-class submarine scuba and romantic setting. Maybe your companion and you will be living forever in floating bungalows and sun-drenching beaches in the Maldives, built on some of the bluest water you have ever seen. This is also one of Asia’s most popular summer honeymoon destinations.

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