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10 Most Beautiful Islands Near Bali

Komodo Island
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Bali, also called the Island of the Gods, is the top travel goals in Indonesia. Joining mind boggling history with an intriguing, otherworldly culture, Bali offers something for everybody. Best of all, the island is genuinely wonderful, gloating everything from rich green woodlands to mountains to white sand shorelines. While Bali is a container list goal for some, bear in mind about the numerous islands close Bali that are similarly as energizing and picturesque.

Moyo Island


Around 280 km (170 miles) from Bali is Moyo Island, which is found quite recently north of the island called Sumbawa. Moyo Island is generally remote and for the most part undeveloped, put something aside for one rich resort. Therefore, Moyo Island is the embodiment of a sumptuous escape for the individuals who need to see a less swarmed, more common side of Indonesia, yet who additionally need to capitalize on upscale luxuries. A large portion of the island is canvassed in the Moyo Island Hunting Park, where there are no structures and a lot of untamed life. The whole coastline of the island is a marine preservation range, making it perfect for the individuals who appreciate scuba plunging or snorkeling.

Nusa Ceningan


One of the islands straightforwardly south of Bali is called Nusa Ceningan. Available by a scaffold from two neighboring isles, Nusa Ceningan is little however totally justified regardless of a visit. A large number of the neighborhood occupants are included in kelp cultivating, and you’ll certainly need to see them collect the ocean growth while you’re there. In the event that it is amazing landscape that you’re after, go to Blue Lagoon for a definitive photography goal. For those looking for adrenaline, Mahana Point is an absolute necessity see spot. A bar at the highest point of the point offers outstanding perspectives, and numerous guests bounce off the precipice into the unmistakable, profound water beneath.


The Island of Java

The substantial island west of Bali is called Java, and it is the place you’ll discover real urban communities like Jakarta. On the off chance that you need to encounter the rich social history and legacy of Indonesia, Java is an exceptional place to go. Many guided visits from Bali can help you hit the Javanese highlights in only a day or two, dealing with the coordinations en route. You may investigate antiquated Hindu sanctuaries like Borobudur or visit astounding structures like the Sultan’s Palace, the seat of Indonesian eminence. Volcanoes, sanctuaries, and shorelines are only a couple of the engaging attractions that Java brings to the table.

Komodo Island

Komodo Island

West of Bali is Komodo Island. As you may envision in view of the name, Komodo Island is home to numerous Komodo mythical serpents, the world’s biggest reptile. A significant part of the island is a piece of the Komodo National Park which likewise incorporates the islands of Rinca and Padar, making a save for the nearby untamed life and their natural surroundings. You can get to Komodo Island by means of ships, and numerous guests go ahead guided visits from Lombok however a visit from Bali is likewise conceivable. Despite the fact that the creatures on the islands are a major draw, the encompassing ocean is additionally uncontrollably prevalent for scuba jumping. Specifically, the reefs off the bank of Komodo Island house sharks and even manta beams.

Nusa Penida


The biggest of the Nusa Islands off the southern bank of Bali is Nusa Penida. Day by day ships and private speed water crafts bring you from Bali to Nusa Penida, and most guests want detached shorelines and a less touristy vibe than quite a bit of Bali. Precious stone Bay gloats immaculate white sand, clear water and incredible snorkeling, making it one of the busier shorelines on Nusa Penida. In case you’re searching for more isolates spots, arrange a stroll to the limestone hollows of Goa Giri Putri or go birdwatching in the lavish Tembeling Forest. Similar to the case for quite a bit of Indonesia, scuba jumping openings proliferate.

Nusa Lembongan


The third of the Nusa Islands close Bali is Nusa Lembongan, a goal that is rapidly gaining a notoriety for amazing landscape without a great deal of tourism framework. Jungut Batu is the busier shoreline, a most loved of surfers and spending voyagers. More security can be found on the south of the island in spots like Devil’s Tear, where low precipices give dynamite sees over the water. Notwithstanding a wealth of shorelines, Nusa Lembongan is home to ocean growth ranches, mangrove woods and the amazing Hindu Puncak Sari Temple.

Gili Air


Simply off the shoreline of Lombok is a gathering of islands referred to together as the Gili Islands. One of these is Gili Air, the island nearest to Lombok. Gili Air has a notoriety for being the most loose of the Gilis, and it is a famous hub for outside exercises. Scuba plunging, snorkeling and freediving are all well known off the drift, and a rich submerged life and lovely coral reefs give you bounty to see. The nearby culinary scene spins around crisp barbecued fish, and keeping in mind that nightlife is negligible, there is dependably free drinks and some unrecorded music to appreciate.

Gili Meno


Gili Meno is the center island in the Gilis, and it is generally known as the most sentimental spot in Indonesia. Thus, it is frequently couples that come to Gili Meno, and it is a prime special first night goal. Notwithstanding mixed drinks at dusk and sentimental walks around the shoreline, Gili Meno is perfect for creature mates. Taman Burung is a fabulous aviary, and at Gili Meno Turtle Sanctuary you can watch turtles and their young securely make it to the shoreline. There are a few spots around the island where you can take PADI confirmation classes to begin scuba jumping, or you could select to lease snorkeling hardware appropriate from beachside merchants.

Gili Trawangan


In the event that Gili Meno is for sentimental people and Gili Air is for fearless voyagers, then Gili Trawangan is for nightlife darlings looking for a decent gathering. Trawangan is the biggest and most prevalent of the Gili Islands, and there is continually something going ahead there, day or night! Amid the day, you can take yoga classes or attempt scuba plunging, or you may choose surfing lessons and a watercraft visit. At dusk, be that as it may, the island genuinely wakes up and everybody begins to let free. A lot of bars and clubs have gathering evenings, guaranteeing there is continually something going ahead until first light.



Lombok is an extensive island east of Bali, and it is a differing and beautiful spot to investigate in the midst of a furlough. On the south of island, you’ll discover the shoreline town of Kuta, where surfers accumulate. Very nearly a world far from the same-named shoreline town in Bali, Kuta offers terrific shorelines and a casual climate. In North Lombok, a less went by some portion of the island, you can climb to the summit of Mount Rinjani, appreciate a portion of the numerous waterfalls in the range or take a ship over the Gili Islands. For a busier, urban environment, make a beeline for Mataram, the island’s biggest city. In Mataram, you can visit an eighteenth century castle at Mayura Garden or set out on a culinary road nourishment experience with a walk around Jalan Udayana.

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