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10 International Countries In Which Indians Can Fly Visa Free

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Traveling isn’t only a fun thing to do, it is also an amazing opportunity you never encounter. In a year they never saw any spot. India is full of breathtaking sights, but it’s also thrilling for you to learn what’s outside the boundaries. To fulfill your interest, you also make a journey through several various types. Travelers must comply with such requirements to join another nation lawfully. The long-visa procedure has also deterred people from going abroad at the last minute. You have to encounter other hassles to secure a visa from other nations. However, you would be happy to learn that Indian people are able to travel without a visa in several countries across the world. Find the visa-free countries you may reach.


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Bhutan cordially accommodates its visitors and embraces lavish greenery with a breathtaking view of the Himalayas and picturesque monasteries. It is one of India’s visa-free countries, so you just need an indigenous passenger and no visa is needed to reach a calm world. What a great way to go on a holiday abroad. Bhutan is one of the world’s most relaxing locations, making it a perfect holiday destination for those who want peace of mind. The country’s only Airport is Paro, and Druk Air from Delhi and Kolkata can be reached from here. When you can buy seats at the last minute, you can even make it in. Here you will frequent squares such as Dochu La Pass, Gangtey, Paro, Thimpu, Taktsang, and Lakhang.


In the Caribbean Islands, Dominica is a mountainous country. It is a dream beach holiday destination and even when you learn the Indian tourists don’t require a visa to access it, it sounds fantastic. Dominica offers a 22-month visa-free status to Indian nationals, rendering them one of India’s visa-exempt nations. To those who like to chill whilst soaking in the beautiful views of the sea and diverse seaside sports. It’s totally planned. The island has thick green trees and a range of mountains in the vicinity. There are also up to 300 rivers in the country and Boiling Lake is the second-largest hot spring in the nation. There are no direct flights to Dominica from India but you can take flights to this awesome place.


Mauritius was a favored location for the honeymoon, but it is only a location for a honeymoon. You should head there with your mates for family visits and holidays. There is a lot to do in Mauritius, beginning with snorkeling, scuba diving, sailing, fishing, and shopping. Very significant, Indians do not need a visa. You will experience the most beautiful sunsets of your lives here. Mauritius provides a holiday of seven days with room and travel in India with about Rs. 1.000 per user, which is superbly accessible from India.


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When you think about Jamaica, lazy day images pop vividly into your head on beaches. Jamaica is a stunning tropical island with green trees, coastlines lined with reefs and fantastic nightlife. Jamaica is the perfect location. Jamaica seems to have been built to give the planet a perfect break spot. The greatest thing about Jamaica is that Jamaica is one of the countries without visas. You will have a lot of fun experiences for amazing tourists. For Indian citizens to stay up to 6 months, Tourist visas are not needed here.


There is no visa obligation to Indian passport holders for four months. Fiji is the gateway of the beautiful blue seaside lagoons, palm tree beaches and some of the finest sports on the shore. Looks nice, isn’t this? The nation of Fiji makes a fascinating sight and gives even other items to gaze at, such as the nation of Denarau, Mount Tomanivi, Sawa-i-Lau, Bouma National Heritage Park and Navala City. Eco-activities like rock biking, swimming, reef, and zip-lining can also be experienced here.

El Salvador

El Salvador is a tiny Central American country that many people normally don’t know about. The American place, though, is one of the Visa-free countries for India since Indian passport holders should not apply for a visa for a holiday. You will spend a relaxed time on the outdoor markets and experience a lot of fun at night in San Salvador with a vibrant nightlife and the arts and culture panorama. Algeria is in El Salvador, a beautiful mountain city. The flowering plants are really healthy. Situated on remote beaches, coffee plantations near volcanoes, vibrant Spanish colonial towns and influenced National parks, this tiny country provides excellent surfing.

Hong Kong

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Very few realize that Hong Kong grants India passport holders a free visa stay of 14 days. It implies that Hong Kong is one of India’s Free Visa Countries. But getting to the closest Disneyland is smoother. Hong Kong is one of Asia’s most pulsating cities, offering a vibrant nightlife and fantastic shopkeeping choices. Two of Hong Kong’s best aspects is to visit it with friends and relatives. To explore this location, a period of 14 days is appropriate. Direct flights to Hong Kong take place in all main airports in India.


Nepal is India’s neighbor but does not query Indians for any kind of visa. Even Indians do not have to reach a tiny, peaceful country even with an Indian passport. You can just have an image on it with a shred of correct ID-address evidence. Nepal is host to Mount Everest, the tallest peak in the country. It is a heaven for the trekkers and offers great trekking opportunities in its hilly ranges. Other beautiful aspects of Nepal that you can come across on trip are its rich culture, beautiful lifestyle and charming splendor.

Cook Islands

Cook Islands, the amazing nation in the South Pacific, contains 15 widely scattered islands. The place celebrates the cuisine of café, imaginative mushrooms and a broad variety of bars and clubs. The country also has many snorkeling and diving attractions, from rugged mountains to large lagoons and coral reefs. Interestingly, Cook Islands gives the Indians a stay without a visa for up to 31 days.


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It has been controlled by the Portuguese Empire from the mid-16th Century until 1999 and it is a separate administrative district of the PR China. Macau, sometimes dubbed Asia’s Las Vegas, is one of the world’s largest cities. Ironically, Indians don’t have a visitor visa to Macao to travel and stay for up to thirty days.

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